hydrotech provence 
Cylinder Design, Manufacture and Repair 

Design and manufacture of ISO and non-standard cylinders

ISO cylinder manufacture

Cylinders with ISO dimensions are used by many industrial companies. The HP 160 range, corresponding to ISO 6020/1, and HP250, corresponding to ISO 6022, are mass produced by Hydrotech Provence.

Flange and companion-flange construction is used, guaranteeing robustness and ease of repair. Hydrotech Provence can adapt the manufacturing process (materials, power supplies, etc.) to customer needs.

Non-standard cylinder design

Clamping jaw The hydraulic cylinder is the force-generating element in many installations: the particular features of these installations require the use of non-standard cylinders.

The Hydrotech Provence design office can produce cylinder designs customized to customer needs.

Our design procedures are ISO 9001 certified.

The design notes, drawings and technical documents, produced using proven software, are communicated to the customer by the most convenient means (diskette, Internet, paper drawing).

Our non-standard cylinders naturally use seals and guides conforming to the various standards applicable to the profession.

Dam gate cylinder